Champaign Original Menu

Champaign Original Menu

#1 2 Eggs, Hash Browns, and choice of Sausage Links, Patties, Bacon or Ham and Toast $5.95
#2 2 Eggs, choice of Sausage Links, Patties, Bacon or Ham and Toast $5.10
#3 2 Eggs and Toast $4.10
#4 2 Eggs and USDA Choice Ribeye Steak w/ Hash Browns and Toast $8.95
#5 The Diner Stack – Hash Browns topped with cheese, hamburger or sausage patties, two eggs, and then smothered with delicious sausage gravy $6.95
Add a biscuit for 95¢
#6 2 Eggs, Hash Browns, Country Fried Steak w/Gravy and Toast $7.95
#7 Real Corned Beef Hash with Two Eggs and Toast $6.75
#8 REAL Chorizo w/ 2 Eggs, Hash Browns, Toast $6.75

All Omelets Served with has browns and toast!

Cheese Omelet $5.75
Mushroom Omelet $5.95
Ham Omelet $6.25
Ham and Cheese Omelet $6.50
Mushroom and Cheese Omelet $6.50
Mega Omelet (Grilled Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Ham and Cheese!) $6.95
Mexican Omelet $7.25
*Belgian Malted Waffle $4.50
*Buttermilk Hotcakes $4.50
Short Stack of Hotcakes $3.30
French Toast $4.50
Biscuits and Gravy (2 biscuits smothered in Sausage Gravy) $3.95
Half Order of Biscuits and Gravy (same as above, but just one biscuit) $2.50
*Add Blueberries, Strawberries or Bananas for just an extra $1.00
Bacon $2.50
Sausage Links or Patties $2.50
Ham $2.50
Hash Browns $2.25
Toast $2.25
English Muffin $2.25
Oatmeal $2.50
Cereal $2.50
Cinnamon Roll $1.25


These things are what make the diner a unique part of American Culture.  We won’t promise that any of ’em are low in calories or fat, but they are chock full of taste!  Served with chips.  Fries are $1.25 extra!

Whole Beef Burger $3.65
Whole Beef Cheeseburger $3.90
Double Whole Beef Burger $5.25
Super Burger $4.95
Patty Melt $5.75
Horseshoe Sandwich (whole beef Super Burger, fries & cheese sauce over toast!) $6.95
The Railsplitter (two whole beef hot dogs, Fries, Chili & Cheese Sauce over all!) $7.50
Gyros Burger (Gyros Meat, Bacon, Swiss Cheese, & Grilled Onions) $6.50
Bayou Burger (Bacon, Swiss Cheese, BBQ Sauce & topped with Onion Rings!) $6.50

All sandwiches are served on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread, or a bun.

Grilled Ham and Cheese $4.50
Grilled Cheese $3.25
Hot Dog (with cheese for 25¢ more) $2.95
Chili Dog $3.75
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $4.95
Fish Sandwich $5.50
Steak Sandwich $7.95
Country Fried Steak Sandwich $5.50
Harvest Burger $4.95
Add cheese to your hot or cold sandwich for only 25¢
Ham Sandwich $4.25
BLT $4.75
Turkey & Swiss $4.25
French Fries $2.00
Fries w/ Sandwich $1.25
Cheese Fries $3.00
Chili Cheese Fries $4.50
Delicious Chili or Soup cup   $2.75
bowl   $3.25
Grilled Onions 50¢


Includes choice of 1000 Island, Ranch, French, or Italian Vinaigrette Dressing!

BLT Salad $5.75
Crispy Chicken Salad $5.95
Grilled Chicken Salad $5.95
Julienne Salad $5.95
Taco Salad $6.25
Side Salad $3.25
Fresh Baked Pies $2.25
     A La Mode $2.95
Cream Pies $2.75
Milk Shakes/Malts (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry & Cookies & Cream) $3.25
Ice Cream Soda Float (we recommend the Root Beer Float!) $2.50
Sundaes (ice cream, syrup, whip cream) $2.25
Scoop of Ice Cream (Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla) $1.50
Scoop of Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone $1.95
2 Scoops of Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone $2.95

Soda Choices: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mug Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist

Soda $1.85
Lemonade $1.85
Iced/Hot Tea $1.85
Coffee $1.60
Hot Chocolate $1.85
Milk (White or Chocolate)
Small   $1.50
Large   $2.10
Orange Juice
Small   $1.50
Large   $2.30